This tool is designed to enable two goals: 

1) learning to chant Srimad Bhagavad Gita, with option to operate (search/repeat audio) at line-of-verse level


For chant, click "Home" (see above, top right). In "Home", you will find links for Chapter 1 to Chapter 18. Clicking on any link will open corresponding chapter Soundcloud audio playlist in a separate tab


To play a specific line in a chapter, say Chapter 12, verse 15, line 04, follow these steps: 


i) Click chapter 12

ii) In Soundcloud tab of chapter 12 that opens, scroll down to 12.15.04. Alternatively, search #gita 12.05.04 in Soundcloud search

iii) To repeat audio of a line, in Souncloud player, use "Repeat" option

2) learning the meaning (in English) of verses of Srimad Bhagavad Gita (as understood by Sivagami)

For meaning of verses by chapter, in Menu (see above, top right), go to "More", then click "English translation". Once there, click on the chapter you prefer to read to get started with reading

That is it! Begin exploring from Home or More > English translation!


Jai Shri Krishna, HariH Om!

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