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#Gita Chapter 09 (English translation)

November 22, 2017

Acknowledgements, Translation Notes, and Vocabulary Notes


Chapter 9





Sri Krishna Bhagavan speaks:

To you who does not find fault, I will declare this greatest secret which is knowledge (indirect experience) combined with wisdom (direct experience), knowing which you will be free from evil. II9.1II


This is the king of sciences and the king of secrets. It is the highest form of purification. It is easily achievable by direct intuitional knowledge, in accordance with the Principle of Life (Dharma). II9.2II


Those who do not have faith in this Dharma do not attain Me and return to this “path of rebirth fraught with death”. II9.3II

(Quotes from Swami Chinmayananda, The Holy Geeta)


I pervade this entire universe, yet My form is not seen. All living things have their being in Me, yet I am not limited by them. II9.4II
(Closely verbatim to Purohit Swami)


They do not consciously abide in Me. Behold My divine yoga: I am the efficient cause of all beings–supporting all beings, but not dwelling in them. II9.5II


Just as the mighty wind moves everywhere and rests in space, in the same way, all beings rest in Me. II9.6II


All beings return to My Nature at the end of a cosmic cycle. I send them forth again at the beginning of the next cosmic cycle, Kaunteya (Arjuna). II9.7II


Keeping My Nature in control, I project forth these multitudes of beings again and again, (who are) powerless under the influence of their own nature. II9.8II


These acts do not bind Me, Arjuna. I am unconcerned and unattached to these actions. II9.9II


With Me as the supervisor, Arjuna, Nature produces the moving and the non-moving, because of which the world revolves. II9.10II


Not knowing my Supreme Nature as the Lord in all beings, fools disregard Me who has taken this human form. II9.11II


Their hopes, actions, and knowledge are in vain. They are senseless, diabolic, and undivine in nature. II9.12II


On the other hand, Partha (Arjuna), those noble men who take refuge in My divine spirit, worship Me with devotion, knowing Me as the unchanging source of all beings … II9.13II


… they are always glorifying Me–striving with firm vows, prostrating with devotion, worshiping with steadfastness. II9.14II


Some worship Me with the selfless-effort of the knowledge of Oneness, others by offering sacrifices. Thus they worship Me–the Cosmic Being–as The One or the One in many forms. II9.15II


I am the kraatuh (a Vedic ritual), I am the selfless-effort of man, I am the food offered to departed souls, I am the food eaten by all creatures. I am the mantra, I am the oblations, and I am the fire into which the oblations are offered. I am the act of offering. II9.16II

(See 4.24)


I am the father and mother of this earth, the giver of the fruits of action and the grandsire. Of that which is to be known, I am the syllable Om and also the sacred scriptures (designated by the Vedas: Rg, Sama, Yajur, etc.) II9.17II


I am the goal, the sustainer, the Lord, the witness, the abode, the shelter, the good friend, the origin, the foundation, the treasure house, the Imperishable seed. II9.18II


In the form of the sun I emit heat. Through some rays I withdraw (moisture). Through some rays I pour down rain. I am the nectar of the gods and the death of the mortals. I Myself am that effect which has come into being in relation to its cause–sat (existence) and a-sat (non-existence). II9.19II

(Refer to translation of Adi Shankaracharya’s commentary by Swami Gambhirananda)


(Change in poetic metre)

The knowers of the three Vedas (Rg, Sama, Yajur), who drink (the mystic) soma, purified of sin, worship Me (in existing forms) through sacrifices and pray for the attainment of heaven. Having reached the realms of the gods as a result of their righteousness, they enjoy the heavens, the divine, and the pleasures of the gods. II9.20II


Having enjoyed that vast heavenly realm, they (re)enter this human world when their merits are exhausted. Those who merely follow the rites and duties prescribed in the three Vedas are desirous of pleasure and attain only the state of departure and return. II9.21II


(Change in poetic metre)

Those who think of nothing else but Me, those who see Me in everything, they who are ever-united with Me, I procure what they lack and preserve what they possess. II9.22II


Those who worship other gods with devotion and faith, they too worship Me alone, Kaunteya (Arjuna), but they worship in ignorance. II9.23II


As the Self of the sacrifices, I alone am the enjoyer and the Lord of sacrifices. But they do not know Me as such. By worshipping me ignorantly, they therefore fall (through the lower worlds indicated in 8.25). II9.24II


The devotees of the gods attain the realms of the gods. The devotees of the ancestors attain the realms of the ancestors. The worshippers of beings reach their realms. My worshippers also reach Me. II9.25II


Whatever a man offers to Me, whether it be a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water, I accept it, for it is offered with devotion and purity of mind. II9.26II

(Closely verbatim to Purohit Swami)


What you do, what you eat, what you offer as sacrifice, what you give, whatever austerity you practice, Kaunteya (Arjuna), offer it to Me. II9.27II


This way (offering all your actions to Me), you will be freed from the auspicious and inauspicious fruits of your actions and from the bonds of your actions. Steadfast in this yoga of renunciation, you will be liberated and come to Me. II9.28II


I am the same to all beings. There is none that I hate or love. Those who worship Me with devotion, they live in Me and I in them. II9.29II


If even the most sinful worships Me wholeheartedly, he too is good for he has made the right resolve. II9.30II


He (the most sinful) soon gains a virtuous mind and continuous awareness of the Divine. Be assured that my devotee is never lost, Kaunteya (Arjuna). II9.31II


Those born of sinful wombs–including feminine minds (“those who have a larger share of deep affections and binding attachments”), vaishya (those “who have a commercial attitude in all their thoughts and actions”), and shudra (those with the temperament of “slumber and slothfulness”)–they too reach the Highest by taking refuge in Me. II9.32II

(Quotes from Swami Chinmayananda, The Holy Geeta.)


Having fixed your mind on Me, devoted to Me, dedicating your offerings to Me, prostrating to Me, focusing on Me, accepting Me as your Supreme Goal, you will surely attain Me. II9.34II


Concluding verse:

Om! Such is the Truth in the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads. This is the knowledge of Supreme Consciousness. It is a scripture of union; a dialogue between Sri Krishna (the teacher) and Arjuna (the student). The ninth discourse ends, titled “Yoga of the Royal Secret–Raaja-Vidya Raaja-Guhya Yoga”.

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